There are three airlines which fly to Northern Cyprus. These airlines provide regular daily flights, via Turkey to Ercan. For information about time tables, prices and reservations, please contact the numbers below:

*Turkish Airlines ( Türk Havayolları-THY)
Phone : 0090 392 22 71 061

*Pegasus Airlines
Phone : 444 0 737

*Atlasjet International
Phone: 0090 392 22 79 192

Northern Cyprus has an airport. Ercan Airport -  near Lefkosa (Nicosia).

Boats (Ferries)
There are regular ferry services from Kyrenia and Famagusta to towns on the Southern coast of Turkey, namely Mersin, Antalya and Tasucu.

Bus Tours
Some hotels organize their own tours of the island. If your hotel does not do so and you wish to join a tour you may contact with your hotel reception who will put you in touch with a tour company.

Car Rental
This service is available in all major towns and some hotels. A British or international drivers licence is required. Rental cars have "Z" letter on the number plates.

Flight Information
For information on all flights in and out of Ercan Airport Tel: +90 392 231 4806 (For more info see Airlines)

This form of travel is popular with the young and is generally not thought to be dangerous in any way

There are yacht mooring facilities in Kyrenia, Karpas, and Famagusta.

The main industrial port in Northern Cyprus is in Famagusta and Kyrenia.

Public Transport
A good inexpensive network of buses and mini-buses operates between all the main towns, in addition there are Dolmush (shared taxis) operating on the same routes. Taxis are widely available but do not carry a meter. However, there are standard journey charges.

Traffic Information
Please drive on the left. Traffic and road signs are international. Maximum speed is 100 km/hr. Vehicles entering Northern Cyprus must be insured upon arrival. Seat belts must be worn. Drivers are prohibited to drive under the influence of alcohol. The limit is 50 mgr.

Northern Cyprus by ferry
Ferries run frequently from Kyrenia and Famagusta to the southern Turkish coastal cities of Alanya, Tasucu, and Mersin.  Both passenger and automobile ferries are available, with the latter being comparatively slower.  Ferry service runs from Mersin, Turkey to Famagusta three times per week.  Daily ferry service is operated from Tasucu to Kyrenia, offering both passenger and automobile space.  The duration of this trip is approximately 2 hours for passenger only ferries, while those carrying automobiles make the trip in approximately four hours.  In the summer months, there is also regular ferry service from Anatalya, Alanya, and Anamur, Turkey to Kyrenia.  Ferry service is provided by Akgunler Shipping and Fergun Shipping.  Visitors are encouraged to contact either company for their schedules and rates.

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