Cyprus Turkish Tourist Guides Association (KITREB)  is a non-profit, non governmental , and independent professional organization. KITREB, was established on August 19th,  1977, by 8 founding members. The first president of the KITREB was Mr. Baydu Necati Özkan.

The founding members of KITREB are ; Baydu Necati Özkan, Ertuğrul Tunalı, Erdinç Şeytanoğlu,Salih Coşar, Hasan Özdemir, Reşat Taşer, Ömer Bayram and Sabiha Gökçen Hüseyin.

The Logo of the Association, featuring the Kyrenia Gate, was designed by the founding president Baydu Necati Özkan. Although it was revised in 2008, it is still resembles the original, but now has a compass in its middle and green underscore. The compass symbolise, for the guides function in tourism and the green line symbolizes their nature orientation.

KITREB is the one of the oldest organisation in the Cypriot Tourism Sector. Its name has been the Turkish Cypriot Translator and and Tourist Guides Association.

On January 2008, KITREB Law, were published in the official press. Now, the work of a guide is an official profession.

KITREB's members are professional tourist guides and they provide service in English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Swedish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Greek and Turkish languages. Tourist Guides are those who are trained and certified to provide guiding services to local and foreign tourist groups in the language of their choice. To provide comprehensive and right information on museums, historical sites, natural wonders, environment, and cultural and social life and to speak different languages are very important for the visitors satisfaction. All visitors are very willingly to learn new things from the tourist guides. Tourist Guides are play very significant role for the promotion of the countries and success or failure of any tourism activity. Satisfaction of every single tourist is very important for us.

North Cyprus has a physical environment and cultural heritage, which together is its greatest tourism attraction, very few countries offer such variety of culture, history, people and Landscape. To provide high quality of service to the tourists and local visitors are very important in the tourism industry.

Our Association has existed for 39 years, was founded by 8 members and has come a long way since. Of course, we still have a long way to go and many duties to fulfill. However, we can say that there is an official association now, the Cyprus Turkish Tourist Guides Association (KITREB). This Law established tourist guiding as a legal profession by establishing its legal status, contributed to the institutionalization and professionalization of KITREB.

Various guides and members of the Union must be named at this point, These are ; Baydu Necati Özkan (first president of KITREB), Rifat Çomunoğlu (second president of the association in 1979), Hüseyin Mulla, Tuncer Bağışkan, Erdal Gülman, Mehmatali Hacışevki, Ulus Irgat, Argun Aşıkoğlu, Cahit Onbaşı, Havva Sonay Barutçu, Bayram Mahan, İrdelp Soykan, Yücel Aşan, Ayşe Gökyiğit, Hasan Karlıtaş, and İbrahim Altıner.

Every single member also unnamed,  and each former and present member of the Executive Board has been importance and brought the association a step further. I would like to emphasize one of my favourite phrases : ' None of us can be successful as ALL OF US'.

KITREB Currently has, 225 active members. Tourist Guides are the mirror of one country. Without them, success in tourism is impossible.

History of KITREB
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